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The Company

The company is formed to work closely as an ensemble ready to explore the challenges of making theatre. Company members are required to combine high levels of energy with a positive open-minded attitude, responding to ideas in a creative and disciplined way. It is hoped that every individual will feel the confidence within the group to take risks, make discoveries and gain the rewards of stretching themselves physically, intellectually and imaginatively.

Our Aim

To provide an intensive, full-time, exciting and rewarding year-long drama course during which students receive expert direction from working professionals in a wide range of theatre disciplines. To create an environment where students can learn to become independent, to mature and grow in confidence and feel able to achieve their potential. To encourage students to use their year out to further their career plans, forge new ones or re-evaluate their options taking advantage of the expert one on one support and guidance we offer.


The company is always in preparation for a performance-based project, leading through to a showing of the work. Some projects will be presented informally to students within the group. Others, in order to gain performance experience, are shown to an invited “in house” student audience. Others are rehearsed as full scale productions. Often as many as eight pieces a year have been shown to the public. These projects will be selected to give an insight into the differing styles and languages of theatre and to offer maximum opportunity for the group.


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