"I sent you a difficult and immature teenager and you returned a highly polished and sensitive person" 

"Best money I've ever spent!"

"One can't fail to be impressed by the significant influence Year Out Drama has had, and continues to have, on the lives and aspirations of so many people."




"I feel I learnt more during my year with Year Out Drama than I did in three years at drama school"               

Tobias Menzies, Actor

 "I am at Leeds Medical School in my first year as a student doctor. they value communication and interpersonal skills very highly. My year at Year Out Drama has been absolutely invaluable to me in this regard. I am so grateful for the support it gave me and for the wonderful guidance and motivation you gave us all"

George Sinclair, Student Doctor

"Year Out Drama is one of the keystones of my life and character. Although I no longer work in the dramatic arts, the interpersonal skills and challenges I have faced there have truly set me up for success in the military. I need to be flexible, driven, focused and passionate about what I do. All things that were truly embedded in me during my time in Stratford"

Captain Stephen Spencer-Chapman, Parachute Regiment

Year Out Drama taught me how much variety the theatre industry has to offer and provided me with all the necessary skills and confidence to select the career path within that industry that was right for me. 
I had a cracking year, after which I auditioned to be part of a small Year Out Drama Alumni company, allowing me to explore a wide range of possibilities within the industry. I was given enough encouragement and experience to discover my dream career.
Alice Smith, Theatrical Agent for Conway Van Gelder Grant