Rehearsal Diary – Day 9

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We began Thursday as all the best Thursday’s begin… by vigorously slapping each-other’s bodies to wake up, followed by a healthy dose of blinded trust exercises as we lead our partners around the room, first by the backs of our hands, then with gentle contact on the shoulders and finally with the mouth words.

To round out our warm up, we got vulnerable, and as a group told each other what we appreciated about each other, as well as what we appreciated about the people whose memories we were working with and the project in general.

Here’s where we got practical, starting by running through and polishing what we had already established from the beginning to make sure we didn’t forget any of it overnight. Once we’d re-established our previous work, we got musical and began to learn the basics for Abide With Me, including beginning to split it into its harmonies.

Having worked out how to sing good, we split the company into smaller groups and tackled small sections of the next piece of the script, dividing the lines amongst ourselves and developing a rough staging for it. At about this point we decided we could do with a break, and so we migrated to The Holy Trinity for several intense rounds of our national sport: ‘Ten-Vol-Bad’, to work out our stress. Once we’d relaxed and developed new rivalries for everybody, we finished setting up the harmonies for Abide With Me and broke for dinner.

Finally, after dinner, we broke back into our small groups again for focused sessions working on our sections with Adam, editing and polishing any issues in our staging as well as getting some notes on our delivery of the lines, and finally, following all this, we got that most wondrous homework of learn all of your lines asap.

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