Rehearsal Diary – Day 8

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Today we started with dance! We did HIIT training first before moving on to some technique work. After this, we had a well deserved lunch and then it was back to working on the Reminiscent project!

We played some games first to get ourselves focused and in the zone! After this, we split into two groups. One worked on the Food and Rationing script and the other worked on the Courting and Relationship script! I was in the Food and Rationing group, with Malcolm helping us. It was extremely productive, and by three o’clock we had a performance ready to be shown to the other group! The other group also performed theirs, which Adam had helped them with, which was fantastic, and extremely enjoyable to watch. I can’t wait to see what the project will be like when we finish.

Following on from this, we then worked on the opening, which is the hymn ‘All Things Bright And Beautiful’. I found out I’ll be opening the song which I’m very excited about doing. Adam directed us in a way that meant for the people watching, it wouldn’t be too much all at once.

Once we had done that, we went into working on the part we had done yesterday, which is straight after the opening. We fine tuned certain aspects to make it flow better and used different techniques, for example – a freeze frame. We worked on this until the end of the day, before doing a run from the opening to near the end of the first section.

At the end, Adam pointed out that due to the fact that the interviews we did were with women, there aren’t as many male roles. He said how in the theatre, it’s usually the other way around with women being the supporting character or having less of a role, which is extremely true. It’s very refreshing to have an opportunity where women are all the leads, and very rewarding.

Already the show is coming to life and the stories are being told. I can’t wait to see what the end result is.

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