Rehearsal Diary – Day 7

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Excitement and sadness, we hit a milestone today that really puts the whole project into perspective. All the interviews done so time for creativity!

Kicking the day off with a sound warmup and some vigorous hamstring fun we sat in a circle and were given a brief. First plan of action was to work through two beautiful musical numbers with Liv and Company, they truly were a pleasure to sing!

Once fully warmed up and ready, it was time to get cracking on the script, so that means back in the circle. Patiently waiting, Adam assigned us “characters” in the few pages of script that had been edited by him. Various Female and Male personalities with different stories were revealed when reading the text and there was a definite theme within the first scene that gave opportunity to some pretty amazing character work.

Post lunch, this was where it got interesting, after being given a taste of the style and how the show is going to look in that first scene we then were split up into groups of three and given “things to compile”. My group was tasked to find anything that related to “Food and Rationing”, once finished we could get cracking on turning that into a script.

Post dinner, in the Clore Learning Centre, the sound of a ‘Ten Vol Bad’ (Tennis, Volleyball and Badminton) ball was bouncing around and I knew it was time for a game! Setting the chairs up in record time we were poised! After a great game we were vitalized for being creative.

Continuing on with more script work and recapping on the morning session we did some awesome ensemble work thinking about how to react to things on stage.

Keeping the attention to the audience was definitely a great challenge, knowing that they would be in a semi-circle/ multiple lines of sight was very challenging when delivering your lines.

After a very productive session we moved on to an activity to understand how to maintain energy within a group, this required a keen ear to properly feel and understand how to continue “said energy” from peers in the company! We then progressed to some ensemble emotion work that required the two groups to a) react to a love film and b) a horror film. This was very fun as I got the horror film and was able to really give it my all on showing how scared I could get!

Final exercise for the day was called “Clowning”. Pretty simple, your objective is to make someone laugh, the catch is you can’t do anything but look/ walk towards your partner and audience. This proved difficult and figuring out how to fully relax and not force a laugh was very interesting. All in all this was very insightful into how we as people like to “do something” instead of just being “empty”.

Ok, the day is almost done and that calls for a final game of Ten Vol Bad, unfortunately, yet fortunately, that was cut short by bags of supplies from Deborah Moody for PANCAKE DAY!


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