Rehearsal Diary – Day 14

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It’s the day before our first show, and consequently the last full day of rehearsal. The excitement to share this piece with the members of the Bentley Nursing Home is palpable. We cannot wait for the opportunity to see the faces of the residents as we deliver stories they lived back to them.

All things considered, we were incredibly focused and driven today, determined to develop the show to its fullest potential. We began the day with some warm-up games, including creating soundscapes, partaking in glorified musical chairs, and sending nonsensical sounds and movements to each other. These games served as the perfect tools to energise us for the day of hard work ahead.

We spent the morning working on our individual scenes so they’d be comprehensible and concise. After a bit of line work, we reflected on the project and wrote out some specific aspects that really stuck with us, to include as anecdotes in the program.

After lunch and some rehabilitative “Ten-Vol-Bad”, we ran through the entire show, donned in our pastels, so there could be one final diagnosis of the state of it and what touch-ups were needed.

Finally, we discussed notes and worked through them in the evening. Speaking for all of the group, we are so incredibly eager to present this work and indescribably grateful to the investment of Malcolm and Adam in the development of this project and of us.

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