Rehearsal Diary – Day 12

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We kicked off our day with a vocal warmup run by members of the company, then went into a few focus games involving tossing a ball between us with gradually more complex additions to the game. Next, we jumped straight into a vulnerability exercise in which we had to tell every member of the company (including our project leaders, Adam and Malcolm) “I love you”, “I don’t trust you” and “I see you.” We then had a debrief to discuss how each phrase made us feel, both on the giving and the receiving ends, then a much-needed break. Following this, we split into smaller groups and worked on the ‘war’ segment of the piece, amending and refining our work.

After dinner, we headed to The Other Place Theatre and warmed up with a few intense games of Ten-Vol-Bad, much to the joy of every company member! We then ran through each movement in the piece before performing a full stagger through of the almost-complete script. To our surprise, it was significantly longer than expected due to the sheer number of incredible stories given to us by those at the care home! After a quick notes session, we wrapped up the day with some sudden-death rounds of Ten-Vol-Bad.

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