Rehearsal Diary – Day 11

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The first day of show week. Monday has been a day of fine tuning and elaborating. We established that this week will not be a week of ‘polishing’, as that implies a sleek and potentially detached style of performance, but rather ‘fine tuning’ in order to preserve the genuine and truthful core of the project and the stories we are telling.
As we all well know, Mondays can often be one of the harder days of the week to get through and so we began with a couple of classic drama games to lift the energy and spirits of the group. This included ‘zip, zap, boing’, with a Malcolm twist of doing 5 squats if you hesitate, and ‘ninja’ in which we often discover the agility and stealth we never knew that we possessed.
This was followed by a discussion of a reflection on the week before, particularly focusing on Friday when we sang ‘Abide with Me’ and ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’ for a number of the residents at Bentley. This was a day that we all found especially moving and therefore was an important one to talk about as a group.
The rest of the morning was then spent looking at the details of the scenes we had established last week. This included making our movements much clearer for an audience and incorporating some fragments of other stories here and there. After we returned from lunch, we continued to do the same, working through the piece chronologically and improving areas that were slightly weaker upon reviewing. We also added some new harmonies to one of the songs to give it another dimension, giving us a chance to work on pitch and bringing darkness and light to the music.
Excitingly, discussions are well underway for the title of the piece. A piece of information that I will leave to be revealed at a later point. Hooray!
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